Logic Pro 9 Score Editor and PDF problems


there's one thing that really makes crazy when I've finished a composition and, from Score Editor, I want to save it as PDF: many signs (mf, ppp, sf and so on, or indications of character as Agitato or whatever) they go out of alignment.
I mean: in Score they are perfect but in PDF it's a disaster.
Did somebody else notice this? Is there any solution to this problems that makes me lose hours searching for a "random" alignment?

Thanks a lot
Unless this is a specific bug in 9 (I'm still using 7.2) :) there is only one cause I can think of, and that is that you may have attached the symbols to the wrong note and they just seem to be right on the screen.

If you drag a symbol to a note, sometimes the wrong stave is selected (especially if the note you drag it to is outside the stave) and the symbol is attached to the wrong note. That often happens to me. And then you can still drag the symbol around to what seems to be the right location, but Logic will remember it relative to a different note than you think. Then in the PDF (or printout) if the layout changes only by a few millimeters, the symbol will be off.

To find out if this is the problem, select the problematic symbols and see which stave is highlighted.

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Thanks Maurits, this makes sense. Still there is a thing that really doesn't work . I put the speed indication, ex: 1/4 (I miss the note simbol here), 1/4 = 120, and on it's side I write "Presto" (or whatever). Perfectly aligned in Score, save in PDF and it's totally out!!!
Why life treats me so bad!?

Thanks for your time

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Hmm ok then it's getting stranger.. :) Still, all those elements are attached somewhere, so check the parameter box with these objects selected (one at a time) to see how Logic "thinks" you intended them to be placed. It's getting unlikely that this is really the cause, but it's still worth a try. :)

It might also be just a bug in Logic 9.. :)
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Well, lets try to understand.
First thing, it's not a Logic 9 bug because I had the same problem with Logic 8.
So, What I'm realizing is that the Tempo Indicator (1/4 = 120) belongs to Staff Style (in this case it's a quartet and it takes the style of the first instrument - Celesta -. So I give it a horizontal position = 0; and a vertical position = 80. OK.
Than, just on its right side, I write "Presto", and this belongs to Text Style, so I assign it a style and I align it with Tempo Indicator. Everything seems perfect, except the PDF version.

What am I doing wrong?

thanks again

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Ok I haven't used 8 yet either. :)

This could be the problem though. It's not the styles, but indeed the tempo indication is attached to the celesta stave and positioned 80 pixels above. My guess is, the text is attached to the page itself. If margins are different on the pdf than on the screen, this will turn out different. So the text should also be attached to the stave and 80 pixels above it.

To make sure it is, delete the current text object, and create a new one by dragging the 'abc' object (presuming it still looks like that in Logic 9) :) to the stave itself, dropping it right on top of it. THEN you move it up (or set it to 80 pixels in the info box). Then both should be oriented on the first stave and should move happily along with it.

It would be nice if Logic indicated the staves' areas more clearly. I keep entering lyrics to the wrong stave myself. :)
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God, it works!! Maurits, you can't imagine how many hours I wasted, just when you think your composer work is finished, tryng to send a PDF simply correct.
I really don't know how to thank you!
Still I guess Logic people should do something to make Score Editor a bit more intuitive. Life is already complex more than enough...

Thanks again Maurits, with all my heart

ciao, and do wonderfull things...

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