Logic Pro 9 Score editor lyrics input problem (urgent)


I'm new to the score editor function of Logic. I have read the manual and watched some tutorials, but I cannot find a solution for my problem. I have to write a whole bunch of scores this week, so I'm in desperate need of help. When I try to input the lyrics and I make a mistake, then I go back to correct that mistake, suddenly the tab forward function (to align the words to the notes) doesn't work anymore and I have to start all over. This is really annoying. Is there a solution for this? It seems like a bug.

please advice
Are you hitting the return key before you stop to correct then dragging Lyric over to resume?

Oh, and are you still on 9.1.1? That was pretty buggy.
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Logic doesn't really allow you to go back to correct while still in lyric mode - Jay's answer is what you need to do.

Additionally, you can easily and quickly align/realign the lyrics separately at any time. First create a key command for Align Object Positions Vertically. Highlight the lyrics in question, making sure that the first lyric of the group is where you want the alignment, use your command.
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Actually, it may be a tad easier. Depending on how you edit, you may not get out of lyric mode. (You can verify in the inspector - the text part box should show with lyric still selected.) I assign the pencil tool to my command key - I just command click where I want to enter new text and off I go.

You mentioned you've watched a few videos - if you've watched mine I'm pretty sure this is all demonstrated.
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Thanks Doug, I''l check out your video's.
It still seems very buggy. This morning I tried to add a lyric and it wouldn't align to the notes. In the inspector, 'lyric' is checked. I've had the same problem yesterday when trying to add a second verse underneath the lyrics of the first verse. I also encountered problems with other text entries f.i. when I was trying to add the composer, I had a hard time selecting a text style. I had to reselect and try a few times before it eventually changed to the style I wanted it to. Any suggestions? Thanks for your help!
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If you are entering lyrics on a score that has more than one staff you must be sure the lyrics are being assigned to the correct staff. This can be deceiving: I've had to change the gap between two staffs to a large distance while inputting lyrics, then closing it when done. This can also be a problem in single staff systems.

Use the alignment feature in the view menu to verify your lyrics are attached to the right staff.

A second line of lyrics has its own issues for alignment. If you manually align those, generally you'd want to select only those - none from the first verse.

Your problems could also stem from a corrupt project file - are you experiencing these problems in multiple projects? (And if so, did they all start from the same template?)
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Using side by side the Score Editor with the Event Editor in link mode could help you micro editing faster various aspect of your lyric entries and ease a lot for navigating through
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Thank you all, I'm getting the hang of it. After making 25 scores ;-) I can input lyrics now and the align key command is a great advice! Still having some troubles though with the song title and the composer name. When I create a song title and asign a text style to it, hit return, then I select a text input and add the name of the composer somewhere at the top of the score, it seems very buggy: the text style of the song title changes again or the text style of the composer changes to the style of the song title. Even selecting another text style in the inspector doesn't always work right away. Strange...

Thanks for getting me there in time to finish this job.

I bought your video course, Doug. When I get some free time, I'll check that out.

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Regarding the title, etc...

Is it possible when you hit the return key the Title is still selected? Make sure you click in the background (to deselect everything) before you change the text style. Also possible you could have run across a bug, or you have a corrupt project (if it's happening in more than one project, did they start from the same template?)

Let me know how you like the DVD - my guess is you've got a nice start on the Score Editor just from doing this project. Glad you were able to finish within your deadline.
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