Logic Pro X Score for Four Voices (SATB)


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I'm pretty new to Logic, and I need help creating a SATB score for an a cappella group.

I have successfully created a score with only two voices, one on the treble staff and one on the bass staff, on the Piano 1/3 style. (The voices, which I created as two separate MIDI regions assigned to two channels, I first join into one region/one channel, then I use the voice separation tool to leave the top voice in the treble clef and move the bottom voice to the bass clef.)

But here’s my question: What if I start with four voices—four separate MIDI region that are on four separate channels—and I want to create a SATB score that looks like a two-staff piano style and has the top two voices (soprano and alto) in the treble clef and the bottom two voices (tenor and bass) in the bass clef?

I think it involves choosing Layout > Show Staff Styles, and maybe choosing Piano 1+2/3+4? Thanks!


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I think I may have given the impression that I know more than I do! Thanks for the confirmation about using Piano 1+2/3+4, but I only got a couple of steps into the process, and then I couldn't figure out where to go and suspected that I made a misstep in the first place.

1. I started with four MIDI regions on four separate channels.

2. I joined them all into one region/one channel.

3. I chose Piano 1+2/3+4 as the staff style.

But when that window pops up, it looks like you can "Assign" "Chan[nels]" to the top or bottom of a staff. So maybe I shouldn't have joined the four voices into one region/channel in the first place.

Any step-by-step instructions would be gratefully followed.
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