Logic Pro X Score notation pitch incorrect?


why is the written C
Screenshot 2020-10-30 at 12.20.09.png
4 showing as D#4 in this screenshot?

Pete Thomas

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Prize for the answer?

Although the staff style is as you identified non transposing, I'd put 5 quid on it being a region transposed by -3

Screenshot 2020-10-30 at 14.05.05.png

BTW, are you working with a singer who can't manage an octave?
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O dear. It's a relative who's asked me to help her with a rwell promoted online tutorial website that doesn't have sheet music for this arrangement. You know the sort, overhead camera, manicured fingers and a cheerful voiceover.
The tutor takes the tune away into a sort of improvisationn and doesn't resolve the virst stanza as I've done here. and yes. the octaves are as shown.

I'll let you judge my pain

and yes, the region is pitch-shifted!

The prize could be membership of the constituency conservative party.


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