Logic Pro 8 Score Sets


Hello -

Sorry if I am asking the obvious...
Is there a way to have the Score Editor (either in the consolidated
view or as its own window) automatically show only the selected tracks/
Or must one always create a score set to do this?

Any advice on the most efficient way to manage this would be much

Simply select the regions you want to view and open the score editor. When you do this, Logic will create a score set automatically based on the instruments assigned to the tracks on which the selected regions live.

I know that some people have reported problems getting the above result, though I've never run across that behavior.
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Dear Ski,

Thank you for the reply! That's the "Logical" way I would hope the Score would work, essentially just the way the Piano Roll determines which data to show.

In my case, sometimes ALL tracks in the Arrange window are shown in the Score (with the selected ones highlighted in blue), sometimes the selected ones, sometimes only one of the selected ones, sometimes tracks which are not even selected or which were selected earlier on! Often I cannot get the score to change which tracks are shown, no matter how many times I change the selection in the Arrange window. Sometimes completely resetting the Arrange window (via Window Set selection) kicks Logic out of this strange mode and allows a new selection of tracks to appear in the Score subwindow, but the problems begin anew.

If anyone knows of a solution to this, please advise! The orchestration work is a bit of a nightmare right now because of this un-Mac-like and unruly behaviour.

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Works as advertised here in the dedicated Score Window. But it does seem to be a bit flakey when using the Score pop up in the Arrange Window. It seems to get "stuck" in one of the display modes and doesn't seem to update properly - and this only happened after playing with opening and closing it several times with different combinations of regions selected.

I'd suggest using the main score window rather than the pop up for this sort of thing. It seems to be a bit more reliable.
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A couple of things to point out, running with Ski and Eli's good answers. (Pardon me if you already know this.)

Pay attention to the link color in the score editor and the associated behavior. If the link is grey (off), it won't reflect selections made in the arrange area. If it's yellow (content), it will show whatever you have selected. If it's purple (layer) it will show all MIDI regions in that layer. That would give you your described look of all regions shown, selected one in blue.

Second, as Ski pointed out, if you make track selections and open the score window, Logic creates a score set. If you do the same thing viewing with score editor open in the arrange window, it doesn't.
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ZM, what version of Logic are you running? (Probably 8, but I just want to be sure).

Taking off on what Doug Z. said, one of the things you can do to (try and) mitigate this problem is to open a score set in a separate window (hopefully you can manage to do that without Logic making you nuts in the process). Then, turn the link off (gray). This will ensure that the contents of that window don't change. If you're working on a two-monitor setup you can present that display on one of them while using the other for editing, etc. Screensets come to mind to facilitate this as well.

I almost always work in a separate score window, so maybe that's why I haven't experienced the problems you described. But I know you're not the only one, and I feel for ya.

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