Logic Pro 9 Score/Step Input input velocity not responding?


Key Commands for selecting velocity level works: the expected velocity level is selected in the Step Input keyboard. But the only input device that produces the selected velocity level is the Akai MPK mini.

The Caps Lock kb produces a velocity level of 98 no matter what the selected input velocity on the S I kb.

The 25 SL MK2, and any MIDI guitar controller unit produces actually performed velocity rather the selected velocity level.

Am I missing some setting? Or is this a known issue?
Any ideas or suggestions here?

I'd like this function to work when doing a MIDI mock up of a classical piece. My own stuff is created with a MIDI guitar controller so step input velocity is not needed.

For what it's worth, key Commands for selecting note length works.
The expected note duration is selected in the Step Input keyboard, and triggering a note from any input device: caps lock, MIDI kb, MIDI guitar, produces a note with the selected duration in the Score/Piano Roll.

All my controllers override the velocity level set on the Step Input keyboard, Caps Lock keyboard included. You can velocity adjustments on the CLK. It's current set to forte, thus the MIDI velocity of 98.

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Re: CLK. Oops. I overlooked the dynamics setting at the bottom.

Just curious, was there ever a time when external controllers would trigger selected Step Input kb velocity levels?

At any rate, thanks for your informed input.
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I'm a CLK guru....;) :thmbup:

And, I don't remember how the SIK used to function. I honestly use it mostly to demonstrate to others how to use it........
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Remember, 15 minutes a day is better than one hour every 4 days...

And don't forget to practice on different keyboards - a laptop will have a different feel and can affect your chops if you're not used to it. :cool:
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