Logic Pro 8 Screensets cause crashes - help!!

Colin Shapiro

I'm going crazy here...
I'm working on a job and my Logic 8.02 project keeps crashing. The crashes are caused when changing screensets - though not every time. I'm good for about 4-8 changes, then Logic dies. It's not any one particular screenset, it happens with almost any screenset after a few changes.

I remember threads about this on the old LUG list - did anyone ever find the cause and the solution?

Any help will go a long way to keeping me sane. :brkwl:

Regards - Colin
Not exactly related to screensets at all, but have you tried deleting your undo history? To me it seems as this is the cause of many Logic woes...

- Sascha
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Thanks Sascha. I tried but it didn't seem to help with my problem.
I've been trying to analyse the messages in Console, but they don't really seem to tell me what the problem is.

Ah well.......
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