Scripting or Macro programming inside Logic and other affiliated apps


I would find very convenient to be able to have some Automator commands, macro or scripting possibilities.
This would make it possible for instance to do repeatitive tasks on large scales with a user-programmed key command.

I see here, there is a thread about importing and saving as Logic Presets,
the 3rd party plugins patches; doing same make it tremendously more productive and rapid, the task to browse through large patches libraries.
But the process alone to have one 3rd party patche converted into one Logic Preset takes several steps (i.e: 9 for each of NI Absynth5 patche, if you count every mouse-clics). Considering there are hundreds of them (without taking into account those available from other users...) there is no need for me to plead further. For FM8, there are litterally thousands...

I tried using the Apple application called Automator, with mitigated unreliable, and partial help... (Any suggestions here would be more than welcome!).

This would inspire a second wish: browser categories for all the Presets (all unified into one big library with selectable characteristics buttons...), such as the one we find into the Apple Loops browser. Same would allow one to just select the sound, automatically instanciated the related plug-in. I know that the Channel Setting browser is doing exactly that (with all the other selected plugins instances and settings), but considering the number of 3rd party/Logic patches involved, having a separate browser for the patches would avoid clugging the browsers.

Sorry for the long posting...:redface:
I agree with this. Scripting is critical for what I want to do. I would also like a full API to access the MIDI to be able to:
(1) Select any particular MIDI note;
(2) To change any field (velocity, length, pitch, position) of that note.

It's so frustrating having to deal with these old-fashioned monolithic GUI interfaces that don't provide scripting APIs! And for music creation doubly so.