Logic Pro 8 Scroll in Play Bug


Let me see if anyone here has some help for this. For my projects, I typically use a screenset with arrange/other on left on my
MBP and score/piano roll on a 22" flatscreen just to the right a bit. Also
typically, I'm looking at piano music with the intention of editing/composing.

It would be my personal ideal if I could have the piano roll "scroll in play"
with the SPL at or near the center of screen, while the score would have the SPLmoving from L to R in normal fashion, with the option of "scroll in play" as well.

Maybe your rig works this way, as it ought to re: "scroll in play." Mine
however exhibits seemingly erratic behavior to the point I'm ready to give up"scroll in play." One thing-I have only 10-15 degrees of central vision. I
don't know if this is a factor, but not even Superman is going to see the Playheadwhen it has drifted completely off screen while supposedly "scolling in play." One can grab the background and drag ahead in time, but this in turn shuts off the "walking blue man." I believe I have my windows linked correctly, with the orange level active. The thing is, it works a while, then drifts off.

Is this a bug? Mssr. Leger and I concluded it was some while back, but if you
have a workaround, I'd love to hear about it. It is simply difficult for me to
watch the SPL move to the right, then quickly look to the left, especially if
the area I am concentrating on is near the edge of page. Much better to have the piano roll roll on by as it should with Playhead remaining stationary.