Logic Pro 9 Sculpure Object Automation


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Sculpture Object Automation

I want to make changes to the position of object 1 and 3, and make changes to the strength of object 3 during my project.

First thing I tried was using Automap Server and Novation midi controller, map expression pedal to object 1 location, a slider for object 3 strength, a knob for object 3 position. Recorded in Latch mode. While played, I could hear effect of moving the knobs, but played back in Read mode, no change in sound

Then I looked at the automation settings for object strength and location and saw you need to set morph points with different positions.

Example: Point A has object 1 position 45, Point C position 5

I created object location A and C automation tracks for object 1.

Tried criss-crossing lines, keeping one track at 0 and moving the other from 0 to 100. Nothing moving

Mode buttons beneath morph pad: Pad on Env off