Searching for a LPX Mixing specialist on Fiverr

I am working on a Latin Jazz CD that has live instruments and I would like to find someone to mix inside the box using Logic Pro X, preferably someone who is on haven't found anyone in my search using those perimeters so if anyone out there knows of a LPX mixer for hire on Fiverr please let me know...Thanks


A superficial search for mix- and mastering-services on Fiverr gave 712 results, so I'm not sure what you were looking at ?

Why would it require Logic ? Let the mixer use whatever they want, just as they don't dictate what you're supposed to compose/record with ?
I use Logic, so I'd like an in the box mix with LPX so I can get a source file of the final mix and then I can make my own tweeks to the mix all the way up through the mastering process.