Secondary function bug: MC Mix/Logic Pro Linear Phase EQ


Since I can not determine whether this bug is related to Logic or Euphonix I send it to both:

It's related to secondary functions on Euphonix MC Mix for some plugin-parameters.

To reproduce bug:
1. Activate Linear Phase EQ (probably Channel Eq and some other plugins as well as well) on an audio channel.

2. Using MC Mix select the channel with the eq plugin. Go into eq mode. to "LoCutFreq", encoder now has a secondary function "LoCutQ".

4.Press SEL-button on MC-mix.

BUG: The SEL-button will not light up as it is supposed to although second function is active. The display is not updated either. Encoder have to be touched for this to happen. SEL-button will light up if one changes bank to other channels and then back. In this case SEL-button will not go out even when secondary function is activated.

Furthermore, in Flip mode it's even worse since fader is not updated and hence is in the wrong position risking to ruin the setting if touched.

This bug is present on other secondary functions in other plugins as well.
However secondary function is working as it should on many parameters, like Q on the parametric EQ:s 1-4.

Logic 9.1.1
Mac OS: 10.6.3
EuControl version: 2.5.4

Unfortunately, I can't help you. But I can say that I have the same problem. I already contacted the euphonix support (I had/have some other issues as well) and received an answer to almost all my questions. But they didn't say anything about the described problem.

IMO this must be a bug on euphonix side...
Since it's present in such common plugins as EQ maybe there's hope it will be solved. It mus be seen by hundreds of people everyday.