Seeking help from someone with Logic 7


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Hey guys, I'm looking for a little help in a file conversion thing from someone who still has Logic 7 around (or earlier) or can get their hands on that version. I'm thinking of a barter arrangement. I'm not sure what I could do for you in exchange, but we'll think of something. :D

The situation is this: a long time ago, in a bygone era, I was using Logic Audio Silver on a PC. I sequenced a bunch of songs and was 70% finished with them when the hammer dropped---Emagic announced that Logic would become an Mac-only app. I was unwilling and unprepared at the time to switch to Mac. Other unrelated life distractions also occurred, and the tunes got set aside.

Now, these many years later, I've realized how cool the tunes were, that it was some of my best work, and that they deserve to be finished. The solution now seems to be to convert the .lso (the song project file format for LAS at the time) files to .mid by doing "export as MIDI" so that I could resume working on the tunes in another program (these songs are all MIDI, no audio).

But recently someone with Logic 9 tried to open them so we could attempt this, and Logic 9 said it could not, and that it would have to be Logic 7 or earlier.

So what I hope to find is someone willing to help by taking the .lso files, opening them in Logic 7, and then exporting the MIDI data in them to a .mid file for each song (which I sure as heck hope separates all the MIDI data tracks out into their respective separate tracks---I don't know as I've never dealt with this before, but it wouldn't make any sense to jam it all together, right?).

As I say, if someone can help with this, I'm sure if we're creative we can figure out something I can do for you. Tell me what you might need. I'm in northern California. You can contact me at the email address within my profile or at


Pete Thomas

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I'm sure someone can help, but why not just open them in your existing Logic Audio Silver and export to MIDI?

Aha I just thought: do you still have the dongle?, Or maybe because there's a problem because (a) you need a floppy drive to reinstall LAS, or that version no longer works on the latest PC OS.


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Pete: There was no dongle, but it is so long afterward and so many Windows versions and patches later that I really don't want to even try to install it. It probably wouldn't work right, I'm thinking. I have XP today and back then I think it was Win98. I think it was 1995 when I started writing the tunes in question, that's how long ago we're talking about. Still, with the technology and the sounds we have access to today they could have an infusion of totally new life.

Markdvc: It's 10 songs.
Edit: 9 actually, I see I have a duplicate there for one of them. It has a bigger file size so I guess I wanted to see what the difference was. So 9 songs, but 10 files.