Seeking Logic Tech, Engineer or Power User in NorCal


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We're in the process of upgrading and configuring a Logic Pro DAW (Mac Pro) for use overseas. Though we have significant recording/production experience in analog recording, this will be our first experience in the digital recording domain -- particularly inside the box. Though confident in our ability to learn and operate the system over a period of weeks and months, we've only got a few weeks to upgrade and troubleshoot the system before it's shipped overseas.

Following an upgrade to Snow Leopard and Logic 9, we seek the services of someone in our area with a similar hardware/software set-up whom can help us configure and test the system, specifically: (1) Ensure that all hardware and software is working correctly; (2) Ensure the signal path is operational to all components and FX; (3) Gain stage the various components in the signal chain for optimal signal & sound; and (4) Ensure that all sound libraries have been correctly loaded and function correctly in Logic.

Our components include: UAudio Solo/610; Apogee Ensemble; Logic Studio (soon to be upgraded to Logic 9); a UAD-2 Quad; and a Mackie MCU Pro Controller. Our libraries include EW/QL Symphonic Gold and Big Fish First Call Horns. We will be adding additional FX libraries.

The DAW utilizes three hard drives -- the System Drive, plus a dedicated scratch/work drive, and a third drive for sound library storage.

We are currently located an hour NE of Sacramento, CA. You can come to us, or we can pack the system up and bring it to you in the SF Bay Area or wherever (within reasonable driving time).

If anyone knows of a service or audio school or independent producer whom can help us, thank you in advance.
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Hi, my name is Keith Bierlichi I have been living on Kauai doing tech stuff for the past 6 years. My last gig was with david ricketts and toni childs working on her most recent album. I workd for david tickle as his engineer doing install work then as an A2 and Pro-tools operator.

I have been doing audio engineering since 1979. We started out in Analog, but by the 80's we were gearing up for digital.
I own and operate a Logic Studio 9 using LYnx convertors.
I also onw a Protools accel3 system. I also own lots of plugins and know how to get, install and authorize the best.

Please feel free to e-mail me @
or call 808.652.9500.
I can cover my own travel expenses if needed
thanks keith