Seeking Maestro/Ensemble poweruser


I've got Apogee's Ensemble connected to a Mac FW400 port (directly, no hub; OS10.6.eight) and I've never had an easy time with Ensembles routing paradigm...but for the life of me, I can't figure out why I can see an audio output on channels 1 and 2 when I play audio from an internet browser, but no input appears when I switch the Meter Display to Input, as well as not being able to record that input in Logic (with input-monitoring and rec-enable engaged). Since no input is seen by Ensemble I also can't route the 1-2 inputs to any other outputs.

(I CAN, obviously, patch the 1-2 outputs into other Ensemble inputs with cables and get a signal...but that's absurd to have to do that while Maestro is sitting there to do that job internally)

What am I missing in understanding how the Ensemble receives audio and routes audio around?

I've studied the Ensemble User Guide; I have futzed endlessly with its From Software/To Hardware drop-down menus in Maestro, and messing with the appropriate faders, but somehow I just don't "get" how Apogee intends Maestro's mixers to be used generally, or for i/o routing...and there's precious little written about practical applications.
Or at least...anyone have any insight as to why browser-based audio isn't considered an "input" to an audio interface with an i/o matrix? Can it really be true that I have to patch Mac audio-out into an Ensemble stereo pair...even though Mac audio is already present at the outputs of the Ensemble? Seems wacky...need confirmation of this.