Logic Pro 9 Selecting subpositions (Transformer)?


My MIDI Hi-Hat is playing 16th notes, like 1 e n a 2 e n a ...

If I want to select all the "n" or all the "e" and "a" to edit them or move them around, how can I do that?

I haven't been able with the transformer and the EDIT-Select Equal Subpositions menu will select all the notes (drum kit), not just the precise notes I need.


If your hihat data is part of the drum track, I would follow these steps:

1) make sure the playhead is at bar 1 beat 1.
2) open the piano roll editor on your drum track
3) Select the hihat part, and copy it to your edit buffer (just copy) then delete the same selected data (hit delete).
4) In the tracks menu select :New with same channel strip/instrument
5) Select the new track and paste.

Now you should have a new track with just your hihat track data. Now use the select by Sub position like you were, selecting the parts you want to delete.

And I can tell you that it will only take about a minute to do it like this. Took me way longer to type it that it would have to do it.

George Leger III
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