Logic Pro Send MTC Midi Time Code from Logic to IAC virtual Driver to sync with remote PC


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I am trying to record a remote session with a professional speaker in Logic.
I am using Session Link Pro Dubbing, it can record an audio backup with Timecode in the browser of the speaker.
Therefore I have to send record information and the MTC Midi Time Code the speaker.
I can control recording via a virtual midicontroller "recording light" which sends the output to the virtual IAC-driver on the mac, which sends it to sessionlink.
But I am not able to transmit the MTC signal, the timecode stays at 00:00:00:00 MTC with 0fps in hiis browser window.
Without timecode there will be a huge chaos if I try to reimport those audiofiles.

I have activated the IAC Driver in Audio Midi Settings of my mac and have activated "Midi Time Code".
In Logic i turned the IAC Driver Input of, because I just want to send Midi data, and do not want to receive it.
And the Recording Light Controller is activated, so I am already able to trigger recording remotely without timecode information.

What am I doing wrong?
Is there any tool for my mac that is able to read the MTC timecode from the IAC driver so I can see if the problem is a setting in logic or the driver or if its a problem with sessionlink?
Thanks a lot for your help! I would like to upload some screenshots but it doesnt seem to be possible.
It seems to be a bug in Logic.

When you add the controller first and then MTC Logic cannot send MTC through the same virtual channel, when you uninstall and reinstall the controller after MTC activated it works.
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Unfortunately after every restarty of logic you have to repeat those steps and randomly during the recording session MTC output stops. Does anyone have a solution?
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