Logic Pro 9 Separate Drum track question?


I followed the instruction below, and all went well, But... I have no separate control on the individual tracks for solo , mute, pan etc. They all solo , mute and pan together how do I get individual control?

"Right-click on a MIDI region in a MIDI drum track in the Logic Express window, then click "MIDI" and "Separate by Note Pitch." This automatically creates separate tracks for each drum part in the drum kit. When you play the MIDI keyboard, the bass drum's notes will now record to one track, the snare drum will record to another track and so on."
For that kind of control, you'll have to set each individual track to a different midi channel, and load the appropriate sample on each corresponding track.
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This worked:
When Logic Separates MIDI by Note Pitch it creates New Tracks with Same Channel Strip/Instrument.

To have the control you want for each instrument after you separate by Note Pitch you need to:

Select the original track and create as many new tracks as you need for your kit using New Track with Duplicate Setting.

Select the separated regions and move them to the new tracks (if you hold Shift down while moving the regions to the new tracks they will not wander left or right).

Delete the now unused tracks which were created automatically by Logic.
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