Logic Pro 8 Separating melodies on the same instrument


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Hi there,

Im fairly new to Logic but its going pretty well so far. Quick question though...

Im using the Piano Roll editor to create a French Horn melody with EXS; thing is - i want to have two french horns playing two different melodies (one panned left, the other panned right) that harmonize with each other, however, at some points the two horns 'cross' each other and play the same note for a moment.

Now, you know whats coming right? When the two horns are playing the same note, it sounds as if there is only one horn playing, panned centre, with a big jump in volume.

Does anyone have any tips as to how to make it sound as if two horns happen to be playing the same note, yet remain distinct from one another?

I did think about EQing each horn differently to one another, but im not if this sounds right (and plus i want to use a stereo spread at the mastering stage anyway if i can).

Pleaaaase help a poor, unfortunate soul!
Do a small pitch bend to differentiate the 2 parts. That way they don't play the exact same note. You could also play around with the EXS parameters in real time to change envelopes, pitch, etc.
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I agree withy George. A very slight change in pitch should be fine. EQing not so useful but won't do any harm. Ideally you would use two different sets of samples. If this happens a lot, I would create a duplicate of the EXS instruments and detune one of them, that way you won't have to go in and fettle just the unisons. I would have one horn slightly sharp the other slightly flat. Maybe delay one of the parts slightly.
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I suppose your right, the only way to make it 'realish' sounding would be to use two different sets of samples in the first place.

Thanks for the help though guys, definitely going to give this pitch bend thing a try.
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