Serious Logic Pro/Express 9 Users - Study Group-Minnesota


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Free Study Group-Mpls+Minnesota - Logic Pro/Express 9 Users

Hello all Logic Pro/Express 9 Users:

Are you near the Minneapois metro area?

Would you like to study The Logic Pro 9 and Logic Express 9 Book by David Nahmani as a group?

Join me as we learn more about this amazing program through David's book. My intention with starting this group is to keep this down to a small size of serious studio engineers and musicians only.

I will probably need to set a limit on how large this group will be since we may have a hard time with a large number of people from the span of the entire twin cities area.

There is no cost other than your own time and gas money. Please be willing to drive distances and sacrifice some time to keep focused on a timeline for completing book and all material provided on the DVD.


1-You must have a positive attitude and like learning more from people as opposed to studying alone, this is the fun part, right???

2- Have a working copy of Logic Pro/Express and a compatible computer to work from and be able to provide some of your music as proof of your ability.

3- Have the Book: Apple Pro Training Series Logic Pro 9 and Logic Express 9 Professional Audio Production

4- Be willing to host the group if we decide to meet in our personal residences. I live at least 40 min north of the metro, so if you are not willing to drive and commit to a dedicated group please discard this offer.

I would imagine it would be easy enough to meet at coffee shops and other public places as well.

I am open to ideas.

PM me when your interested,

Thanks for taking a look~
I look forward to seeing you there.


I won't be able to participate right now, but if you get something regular going I might want to participate a bit down the road...


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Thanks for taking the interest, it will be great to have your company. I will keep you informed, I will hope for more people to show interest!


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At the moment we are proposing to meet at Caribou Coffee in Rosedale very soon:

Har Mar Mall
2111 Snelling Avenue North
Roseville, MN 55113

I really would enjoy more company, I hope to see you there!