Logic Pro 9 Setting Midi Delay for Ext Instruments?


New Member
Hello all,

I feel like an idiot here, but it has been years since I have tried to incorporate an external midi instrument into my setup and something is not working for me.

I want to compensate for the latency by setting a negative delay value, which is working wonderfully if I select a midi region and change it's delay value. But I don't want to do this at the region level. I want to do this at the instrument level. I have tried setting the delay on the individual channels of the Multi Instrument in the environment, but that isn't doing anything.

Again, if I set the delay at the region level, it is flawless. But I don't want to have to remember to do this everytime I record a new region. Can't I get Logic to always negatively delay the midi for just that instrument at all times?

Thanks in advance for any help!