Logic Pro X Setting Mix-down Volume across songs


HI, I have some 40 songs prepared on Logic as backing tracks, and I need to be able to mix them down so that the volumes are the same when playing back through a PA. To date I have been doing this by ear / trial and error, and after a long time it still isn't quite right. I do see some 'quick-fix' apps on the web that CLAIM they solve my problem but ... do they?

When I THINK i've got it right at low volume and then play at performing volume it all goes to pot (Fletcher-Munson effect I believe) so I am thinking there is no short cut to this ...

... am I right?


- Mix them to taste
- Use less reverb than you think you need
- Use less bass than you think you need
- Careful with the highs
- Focus on mids
- Focus on mids
- Focus on mids
- Then, bring all 40 bounced mixes into a new logic project
- Select all Regions and go Functions>Normalize Region Gain>Individual Regions>Loudness
- Find a value that's loud enough without clipping the Stereo Out
- Get this right

This will turn all Regions to equal perceived loudness.

- Correct both the ballad and the last song that should bring the house down by a dB or two
- Then either (preferably) bounce each mix with the new level or write the Region Gain values into the actual mix files destructively with Change Gain in the Audio File Editor
- Take care not to clip anything

- Ask the mixer guy in the venue to do some corrective EQ that works for all mixes and let him explain *exactly* what he did and why later
- Keep that in mind for the next batch



It's just a re-iteration of the age-old audio wisdom that you should spend most of your mix effort in the midrange, since the ear is most sensitive there. Inexperienced mixers often attack highs and lows first and all but forget the midrange. This is also why mixing on Auratones

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is/was so popular, as these only produce mids and you're not distracted by that otherwise lovely sound of the subwoofer that only you can hear.


I use backing tracks with a band. They are very difficult to volume match! My method is to bring up a track of Pink Noise and adjust the volume of each backing track so it is just about audible over the top of the noise. This is an easy way to volume match using your ears and taking into account perceived volume rather than absolute volume. It really works, is very simple and requires almost no skill whatsoever!


Yes. Did you try Loudness-normalizing them like I described ? Takes no time and should bring you 95% there.