Logic Pro X Setting MONO levels


I am preparing a backing tracks for a band where:-
  • the left channel carries cues, clicks, and instructions and goes to In-Ear Monitors;
  • the right channel goes to 'front of house' PA.
I initially prepared the track in stereo, but with all the pans set to centre, but how should I set the levels with this L/R configuration?

I am using the LUFS scale in Logic which I understand is the best representative scale to compare the volume the audience will hear.

Previously I had set the stereo tracks LUFS to -20dB as the target comparative metric for this and all the other tracks. BUTT, I've just realised when I sum to mono and measure the right channel the 'integrated' LUFS figure reduces by a whopping 6dB. I guess this makes sense, one speaker instead of two = half the sound pressure, but this suggests to me that I now need to INCREASE the LUFS on the right side by 6dB to achieve the desired 20dB for the PA.

Is anyone out there doing similar and is my conclusion of 'adding 6dB to the stereo mix to achieve target -20dB LUFS in mono right channel' correct?

Thanks all, and stay safe out there :)


Given that there actually *is* a sound guy at the gig, no one would ever hit play on a backing track without checking and adjusting its level first. This is done during sound check and provided that your perceived loudness is consistent across the tracks (which you ensured by using loudness measuring) you're good to go. However, -26 LUFS seems a tad on the quiet side which in turn would force the sound guy to turn up perhaps more than necessary. What are your True Peak levels ?
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