Logic Pro 8 setting region to playhead

I am being sent audio regions which all start together at a non-simple start time. ( 339 3 394) (( it's PT time, and you have to calculate 240 ticks per 16th)

I've just made a bounce to suit and I though it would be neat if I could auto-locate the new file to the same position, so I enabled 'Set region to playhead position'

Oddly, it didn't seem to work at all.

Then I found that it worked fine if the region was to the LEFT of the playhead.
Press 'go' and it lines up with the rest of the files beautifully.


the end of the region stayed where it was, resulting in the entire region being shortened!

The audio had not, in fact moved at all, it stayed as though starting before the playhead. But the region envelope start obeyed the command.

In fact, the command should be called ' cut region at playhead and delete everything to the left'

Not much use.

What command can I use to move the region en bloc to anywhere I want?

d'Oh! I must've set this command back in Emagic days. 'P' was already set :)
It's the language, of course:

' Pick Up Clock' is not quite as intuitive a request as as ' Move Region to Playhead'

Under what circumstances would one need the latter command?

Thanks Leyton


Peter Ostry

Staff member
' Pick Up Clock' is not quite as intuitive a request as as ' Move Region to Playhead'
Logic 9 says "Pickup Clock (Move events to playhead position)". Not region because it works for almost everything that can be moved. Not in the global tracks and not for automation but with regions, notes and symbols, in Hyperdraw/edit and in all lists (!).

Btw, I understand this command as "come to position" and since I tend to forget non-intuitive key commands, I have # for "go to position" and shift-# for "come to position".

Peter Ostry

Staff member
(Logic 9)

I don't know of a command to set the playhead to a flex marker. You can however use the marquee, set its start and end to transients (the arrows by default), then "Set locators by region/events/marquee" (^= by default) and go to the start of the locator. I can imagine that there is a more elegant way to do that.

But if you need this to align flex markers of multiple tracks you should rather use an editing group and set one track as the "Q-Reference" in the Inspector (or activate the little green Q button on the track). Then Logic creates and moves flex markers on all tracks of the group simultaneously.
Hi Peter - just returned to this thread. I have found that we don't need to use the marquee tool, just a simple up or down arrow will do it in flex view followed by 'Go to selection start' KC