Logic Pro 8 Setting up Logic 8 with MOTU Ultralite


I have MacBook Pro/Sierra 10.12.6.
Using Logic 8.
I'm recording with a MOTU Ultralite.
I have 2 guitars going into both Mic Inputs. I have a signal.
I'm not sure how to also record my guitar directly into the analog inputs in the back. I plugged into Analog 3 in the back of the MOTU. In Logic I assigned it to Input 3 and Output 3/4. I'm not getting a signal. I'm assuming I'm not setting it up correctly in Logic.
ny advice would be helpful.
Thank you, Lynn

Peter Ostry

Staff member
An electric guitar has very little output. If you plugged the 2 guitar cables directly into the front, you use the instrument inputs (aka guitar inputs) of your interface. Another method would be to plug the guitars into DI-boxes and from there to the mic inputs on the front via XLR plugs, using the bigger connectors. Both types of inputs accept low signal levels because they have preamplifiers built in and that's why they work for you.

The analog inputs on the backside are line inputs. They have no preamps and accept signals on line level, which is much higher. Even if you see some signal in a meter, it is far too low to record. Additionally, the input impedance of line inputs is too low for guitar pickups and the sound would suffer.

For the 3rd guitar you need an external preamp, which can amplify the guitar signal and send it on line level to a line input.
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