Logic Pro 8 .sf2 files


I foun a couple of soundfont files that might be interesting - though they're on sf2 format.

Will they work with either Logic or garageband?
I only have the EXS and Kontakt3 sample pleyers

The EXS 24 should be able to import them just fine. You probably won't get complex filter mappings and such translated properly. But it should convert the sample mappings and basic parameters just fine.
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thanks Eli - I was hoping that Apple Loops Utility would help but I find it a tad unfriendly.
Had to backgrade to get it to save at all. :-(

I got the file working OK with EXS 24 - I'm not used to loops, though.

I was looking for a stonking 12/8 jazz-rock groove, and managed to make my own :)

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