Logic Pro 9 Sharing files with Sonar.


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So, I am not able to create an OMF export from logic that results in Wave files. There is no menu to select the file type in the OMF export window. Since Sonar doesn't read AIFF files this is an issue. I have tried just exporting the tracts a WAVE files but they are time stamped BIP and Sonar seems not to like that either. I have a number of projects on deck that require being able to share files with Sonar. I am assuming I am missing something obvious. Any thoughts?
I don't use OMF very often, but I believe that there's an option to embed all the audio inside the OMF file, resulting in one really huge file with all your audio as part of it. Try that option and see if it will work.

If it doesn't, you can always export all tracks as audio in WAV format, and that will give you all your tracks as wav files.

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The few times I used OMF to move projects between Logic, Cubase, or DP, OMF worked perfectly. All audio files (long and short) ended up exactly where they belonged when the OMF file was imported.

Once you get the audio files into the format you need, then exporting to OMF will perform as expected for you.
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