Logic Pro 7 & earlier Sharing project between logic 8 and logic 5


I run Logic 8 and want to create music with someone running Logic 5 on a PC. Is this at all possible?

I soppose that software instrument and plugins are difficult, so the individual tracks would have to be bounced, or present only as midi-information - but it would be great if the actual project could be share somehow, so that we could both record and mix.


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You should be able to open Logic 5 projects in Logic 8, albeit if he is using any 3rd party VSTs, their settings will not survive the transition to AU, as well as which, some AUs whose names have changes, such as the Sony/Sonnox EQ, or some of the waves Ren Plugins, may not be recognized at all.

However, going the other way is a lot more difficult. Logic 8 projects cannot be opened in any version of logic older than 8, so you will be faced with exporting Midi as Midi files, exporting audio tracks to go along with that, not being able to use plugins common to both versions, including many Logic effects. Neither a practical nor attractive way to work.

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Thanks for your reply.

I asked a Logic rep about this at a demo show and he said that if I bounced each track individually from Logic 8 it should be possible to select all of them and drop them onto Logic 5. This as sort of digital version of sending a multitrack tape (very low tech). It is important to bounce each track for the complete length of the song, or there'll be a lot of extra work.

What I'm still hoping though is that there's is also some way to export project info such as track levels and pans, which would make things somewhat easier even if it had to be imported separately. Does anyone have a fix for this?
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