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I am trying to share my logic 9 projects with the other members of the band I am in that also use Logic 9 to record. We all have the same build of Logic 9.

I have an FTP folder on my website and when on of us records a project we upload the entire folder. The others will download the folder, run "consolidate project" and record our tracks. Once we are done we upload only the tracks we have added to to project to the FTP site.

The problem is that when other members download the track and add it to the project logic doesn't put the track in the right place on the arrange area. It seems like all of the information about the track gets lost in translation.

Anyone got any ideas?
I do this all the time. Make sure everyone uploads WAV files, and as soon as you import them into your "Master" project, select Arrange > Audio > Place at Original Record Position. This should work without issue.

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I have an FTP folder ...
It seems like all of the information about the track gets lost in translation
Basically: FTP is a file transfer protcol and does not know about music or special files or formats. Zip the whole folder, give it a name shorter than 32 characters, no spaces, no special chars. Only letters a-z, A-Z, numbers 0-9, underscores, short hyphens, points. Then no FTP server on this planet can ruin any information in your files.

If you do something else, you are just lucky if your files reach the recipients in a correct state.
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Thanks for the input Owen, I'll give that a shot.

Peter, the only problem i will have is zipping the whole folder each time is that there may be tracks form other band members that need to be included. Would i create a sort of temporary version of the project and import the files from there?

BTW - This all worked just fine in Logic 8
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