Sharing with iTunes then burning CD with a twist


I use a Mac Mini that does now have a built in optical drive. I like to create tracks and songs in Logic and "share" with iTunes when I have it close to where I want it I burn CD's for the car or wherever to check the mix in real world. Since I don't have a burner, need a how to to go the last mile.

I have a laptop that has sharing active and has no problem seeing/playing the tracks but as of now haven't found a burn option.



Why not create your cd playlist in iTunes, then "drag" the song files to the desktop (or straight to USB drive) copy to USB drive! then transfer to the machine with the CD burner.

I know that iTunes easily drags out MP3's no problem. I believe you can also pull. Audio tracks straight out as well.
Yes, I could do that

Have done that before but it seems sort of a ham handed way to do it when the songs actually appear in the playlist on the second computer yet won't burn. I guess it's a security concession to keep the unauthorized copying down but it would be nice to have control over my own content.