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Steinberg has a site on which you can post a song or a rhythem track and someone else can add a lead solo or a vocal line, ect. My question is; does LUG have something similar?
We don't have a special area for that yet. We can instantly try it in the "LUG Media Station". If there is enough interest it could become a permanent installation with dedicated support.

Do you already have a plan or a vision about organization, musical and technical aspects? Then tell us, we are interested.
I didd't have any specific ideas at the moment... One of my band mates has the Steinberg system and he posted a rhythem trak on that site and a trombone player in Israel added a nice little part to it and a female singer from some Islamic country added a vocal line that was just killer (Ironic I thought). It added a whole diferent middle eastern flavor to it. He told me that he retains the rights to the peice but he has to credit any contributers. I have so many tunes down in my Logic but they all lack something like a lead solo or a nice vocal line, etc... I think sharing would be a great addition to LUG. Thanks, Face