Logic Pro 9 Shifting a recorded Kick drum beat


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Hi! I've been working on a project that's almost complete. My only problem is that when I recorded the drum set, during the song there's a kick drum hit that's a fraction of a second too early. I have it recorded on it's own track, and I was wondering if there is some sort of way to shift the hit forward that small amount with out screwing up the whole track? Thanks for any advice someone may have!
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Read up on Flextime. You might be able to just "snip" the affected hit, and slide it, but doing so might leave an undesirable gap in the audio. Flextime lets you isolate and stretch audio.
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I assume you mean a recording of real drums. If so, as there will be bleed from the Kick drum on the other tracks, it is very likely that moving only the kick track would result in a very noticeable smearing of the sound. I would use Flextime on all the drumtracks. Apple provide a very good tutorial - have a look at FAQ 8

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