Shortcut-toggle for the trackheader

Wish for a "Trackheader show/hide" function including a user-definable shortcut key-command. The trackheader is the largest fixed component in the arrange-window. Once set up, tracks can often be identified by their region-names and/or their colour. The user might at times instead prefer to have a quick, free window for overview or precise editing. The Inspector can be toggled showing channel-strip setting, name and instrument for the selected track. A 'thin bar' to the left in the arrange-window, present at all times could be there to indicate used or empty tracks in trackhead-hide mode, toggled with a single key-stroke.

The popular MacBook models, in particular the 13" model with it's limited screen-size would benefit greatly from such a function. With more and more editing being done directly in the arrange-window it makes sense to add an option to quickly enlarge the arrange-window for good overview or really zoomed-in editing, utilizing new features implemented in this window. Thereby making the Logic software more adapted for the plenty of laptop users. A toggle-trackheader is in my opinion consistent with the rest of the one-window philosophy and would make it's design more flexible for more Logic users.
On MacBook pro 13" that would be most wanted. One can toggle the inspector with I. Toggle the trackhead with an easy shortcut would be a dream. Just 'Bam' and it's gone untill u need it. (Shortcut toggle for the transport bar aswell (in the view-menu). But by far "the trackheader-toggle". With more and more edit done in the arange-window it makes sense with a window big enough even on MacBook pro 13" (there's a lot of MacBook's with Logic onboard). "I" for Inspector and "T" for Trackheader getting enough space for zooming and editing. MacBook's are very popular, so make the software and hardware aware of each other.
Logic 9 has that key command.:cool:
I have L9. I know the shortcut-transport is there but it does not work on the transport that's glued to the arrange-window, it works with on an extra free-floating transport though. But track-header toggle I can't find, searched the shortcuts menu for all toggles.


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Nothing - if you can convince Apple to add a few combination key commands, like eg. "Hide/Show Transport, Tool Bar, Editor and List/Note/Media"!
I like the idea of that, although at present the easiest way to accomplish this ( at least, if what you want to see is an arrange without transport, Tool Bar, Media etc.) would be to simply set up and use a screenset with a "naked" arrange window showing.

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#9 now what do you want? Thankss!!!
Nothing - if you can convince Apple to add a few combination key commands, like eg. "Hide/Show Transport, Tool Bar, Editor and List/Note/Media"!
It is (and must be) an integrated part of the drawer or flip-slop windows philosophy. So if  forgot a key to open or close one of the drawers, an eehum, u forgot to put a knob on the door... would do it.