Logic Pro 9 Shortened Loops

Steve Pogson


This is a repost but the problem persists in 9.02. When I audition loops in the browser the last part of the loop is cut and loop repeats with a noticeable rhythmic 'jump'. When dragged into the arrange page, the loops behave normally.

Any ideas?

cheers, Steve

2.66 GHz Quad Intel Mac Pro
Logic 9.02
8 GB Ram
OSX 10.6.1


Hey Steve, yes I've run into the exact same thing but I managed to figure out a little more detail around the problem. What sample rate are you running for your project? What I found was that as long as I ran 44.1 sample rate, Apple loops auditioned without issue. As soon as you up your sample rate your loops audition a corresponding length shorter. 48 is slightly shorter, 88.2 about half the length and 96 is just less then half the length. 192 should be even shorter but I haven't tested that. It seems most Apple loops are recorded at 44.1 or made to play at 44.1 by default so the don't survive the conversion to your project sample rate when sampled within the loop browser. As you say, they work fine once dragged into the arrange. I put in a report to Apple a while back but it still doesn't work in 9.02 without lowering my project sample rate, which i'd rather not do. If anyone else has found a better work around, I'd love to hear about it!


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Steve Pogson

Hi Kevin,

Yes, that does it. I'm stuck to 48KHz because the digital output from my Triton Rack only works at that rate - but it's good to know you're not alone!

many thanks

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