Logic Pro 9 Should I uninstall Log.Exp.8? L9 Upgrade Complete?


Now that I've upgraded from Log. Express8 to Log. 9 Should I uninstall Logic 8 Express to save space or are they somehow sharing program files? I was never asked for my Serial Number from Logic Express when installing so I guess they could be independent programs? Not sure.
I would be interested in this response as well.....my guess is that you would have to import your old projects into R9.0 to convert them, and then if all is good, you could get rid of the Logic 8 (or 7, 6, etc.....) if you never want to work with them again.

If you have partnered with people still working in R8.0 and older, you might want to hold onto those releases.

Again, this is all a guess on my part, but, I would still like to know if I got rid of those old versions to free up space (I use Logic on a MacBook Pro) that Logic 9 isn't affected at all.


PS - Did a quick search on the forum, and couldn't find anything immediately.....but, I'm sure that if I took some time to dig some more, I might find something. So, apologies in advance if I am posting pre-emptively!
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I think they must share some settings- and preference files but you can keep version 8. They work both and in case of a problem with an older project it is good to have the former version.
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