Logic Pro 9 show existing bus in environment


If im using bus 1 and 2 already and add a new bus channel strip in the environment window it will be bus 3. What if I want that bus to be bus 1 or 2?

In other words how can I show a pre existing bus in the environment window?
Let me rephrase the question.

I am in the mixer tab of the environment window.
For example: 8 drum channels have their outputs assigned to bus 1. I am not using any other busses yet. I would like to insert a compressor on that bus. I select new:channel strip:bus. This makes a new channel strip that is bus 2. How can I make that channel strip bus 1?

I could just use aux channels
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Your mixer is in the wrong mode, set it to "All" rather than arrange to see all the tracks. It IS very unusual to not see your Aux when you grab a bunch of tracks and set them to a single buss, Logic makes an aux at instanciation.

Uf you select one track and take a look at the channel strips in the inspector (the thing where you see the 2 faders on the lower left hand side of the arrange window) if you select or touch your buss out, the channel on the right will change to the aux.

What version of Logic are you running? And OS, Machine, speed, ram,, these things help.
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Logic Pro 9. motu 24i/o 2.66 quad Nehalem 24gb ram.
Even if I set the mixer mode to all I cant see any busses unless they are created in the environment window. I am trying to use the environment window.
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Call me, you have my info, I'd rather talk and do a Teamviewer thing than try and explain like this... take WAYYYYYYYYY TTTTOOOOOOO LLLLLOOOOONNNNNGGGG!
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Hi Seffro,

I'm just catching up with the LUG and see you are a relatively new Logic user coming from Pro Tools - welcome! One thing to think about conceptually is this: With Logic 9, you don't _really_ need to ever deal with bus channel strips. They are an anachronism left in place mostly for compatibility with older versions of Logic. Busses in Logic now are used mainly as virtual pathways. The Aux channel strips are what host the pathways, and are what you need to use for daily bread and butter routings.

You can freely change the Bus inputs (and outputs) of any Aux Channel strips, regardless of what order they are created in.

The Bus channel strips _can_ be used for more complex routings (like adding some pre- processing on a bus so that the processed signal will appear at the input of multiple Aux channel strips all set with the same bus input). But it doesn't sound like this is what you are after.
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