Logic TDM Showing half Core Audio plugs, half TDM


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I have been a Logic user for quite some time and I went to help out a friend at his commercial studio with some issues he's been having with L9 and his Pro Tools HD system; I know VERY little about PT, but here are some of the issues that I encountered....
*I've read some of the previous threads, and it seems that AU plugs are not going to show up in a TDM session?

*I brought in a session I had done on my computer (L9 only); when I opened it on his computer, none of my tracks would play any sound. BUT, if I created a new track and opened DAE and drug one of my core audio regions to this new track, I could hear it then. AND to top it off, the audio tracks from the session I brought in were showing my master output as "STEREO OUT", but on the newly created DAE track it was showing the out as "OUT 1-2" and we could not figure out how to change the output on the tracks from my original session. On the tracks from my session you could see the AU plugins, but on any newly created DAE track, there were no AU plugs; only his TDM third party plugs...is the answer to have him install the previous version of Logic (8)?

I've got a major session there coming up and it would be great to just track everything into Logic for me to walk out the door with it quickly at the end of the day, instead of having to consolidate files from PT and bounce over. Hope this makes sense...very frustrating though!!!


Hey Mastermind,
Yes working with DAE is frustrating. Basically think of it this way, DAE is a completely separate mixer than Native. DAE does not support AU plugs, so if you want to use TDM or RTAS plugs use them in a DAE mixer, if you want AU use them in a core audio mixer. Youll have 2 master outs one native and one DAE, using ESB you can Bus your Native mixer into a TDM mixer (I believe you get 8 stereo busses into TDM) or Vice versa.
Frustrating indeed.
Good Luck
P.S. I use DAE only to get my 16 inputs on my DIGI192 (Digi Core Audio driver only gives me 8 inputs), then I slide those regions to 16 new Native tracks and process and mix that way.
Some TDM plugins come with their own AU equivalents (Waves mainly), so you can use those flavours in the native mixer. Let me know how it works out
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