Sibelius scores to add to LPX


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I see there are some Sibelius users here, so I wanted to ask...

Have you ever taken a Sibelius score and dropped it into LPX? Or an MP3? The electronic playback of the MP3's makes me wonder if I can "sweeten" scores or do post processing. I was wondering if a raw score would be easier to manipulate than an MP3 as far as levels are concerned. Sibelius is my main "goto" tool for writing.... so far :)

I've seen a couple of people post regarding "beats" but in regards to other varieties has dropping an MP3 into LPX worked for you? What did you experience?

Ideally I would like to "drop" the raw Sibelius file into Logic Pro and then sweeten the tracks. Maybe there is a plugin to assist with this? Sorry, I am a newbie with Logic Pro :)

MacBook Pro 10.14.5, Sibelius Ultimate