Sibelius Users?

If anyone here uses Sibelius this question is for you in regard to writing drum parts on a score.
Actually I don't have a problem writing drum parts on a score. The problem is the stems of the drum part. What I usually do is write the snare drum in first using it as "voice one" and the bass drum as "voice two". The problem is after I write the snare part and direct the stems to point upward, when I start adding in the bass drum the stems from the snare part change and start facing downward. This is not what I want. I keep going back and forth adjusting the stems. Very frustrating. I looked in the manual under voices and it said nothing about drum or percussion parts in regard to the stems direction. So, the way I want the drum part to look is the stems on the snare notes should point upward and the stems on the bass drum part should point downward. Now, I do get this to happen only after much frustration of adjusting the stems many times. So, is there a way of having the stems stay upward when I write the snare part the first time and stay that way while I'm writing the bass drum part? Thanks for any help.

Pete Thomas

Staff member
I have to ask, if you use Logic as a DAW/sequencer, then why bother with the Sibelius as it seems to me to add another layer of complication when you can use the score in Logic that works really well for cases such as these with drum mapping and staff styles.
Pete, I've been using Sibelius for a long time and never bothered to check out the scoring part of Logic, so I really don't know the scoring part at all.