Logic Pro 9 Side issue - eMagic Unitor 8 Drivers


Hi All,

There was recently a driver update from apple for the unitor 8. I foolishly installed it thinking it would somehow be better, the old driver was fine. Now each time I boot up the unitor 8 is not present and I need to reset it, has anyone found a way to uninstall the new driver so I can have it work normally again?


What system are you on?

I installed the latest Unitor driver (v2.5) and I have found it to be the most stable ever. I have 1 Unitor MkII and 2 old Unitors and they all work all the time - for the first time I can remember.

You could probably just remove the driver and re-instate the old one. It lives here:
[yourdrive]/Library/Audio/MIDI Drivers
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Thanks for the location, Ill try that. Did you autoupdate via the system updater with the most recent update a few weeks ago?

Im on 10.5.8

10.6 wont work with some of my HW.


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