signature update?

I've changed my OS to 10.7.4 and updated my signature to reflect that - I'm sure I did this a week or two ago. Looked at my sig tonight and it shows 10.7.3. Went to my control panel - it show 10.7.4. I deleted the number 4, entered it again, saved, looked at a signature in a post, and it shows 10.7.3.............. :confused::confused:
Looks like you have the OS version in 2 places in the sig... One's 10.7.3, the other's 10.7.4. Long day? (By coincidence, I had just updated my sig & had no problem.)
Thanks for a set of fresh eyes! Of course there are two systems shown. Appreciate you pointing out the now painfully obvious.

I did post at the end of a long day, suffering the effects of an even longer day the day before. WIll catch up on sleep today.......