Logic Pro 8 Silent Drums


I have been having a strange problem on Logic 8. I use Ultrabeat and I load up some drums on two pads. Then I save it and when I open the song back, those drums I just loaded up are silent. All the other pads work, but the drums I just loaded up are silent.

My only option is to reload the drum samples and they work but then, as soon as I close the program and open my song back up, they are silent, as though they're on mute, but they're not muted.

This detail might help someone solve it. When I open the file, instead of taking me to the arrange window, it takes me to the window you see when you're in ultrabeat, selecting drums at the top, where it says import. then I click Cancel and it takes me to the arrange window. When it shows me that screen initially, I know my drums will be silent.

I've thought it through more and I decided this issue must be directly tied in with trying to use the drum banks attached to that import menu at the top of ultrabeat. When I use regular drums off to the right in the brower, it seems to work ok. So does anyone know what may be causing this? What is stopping me from using the import menu? Because there are some great drum sounds in that import menu that I would like to use. Thanks!

Colin Shapiro

Are you saving your new setting in Ultrabeat? Or just saving the Logic Project?

I'm using Logic 9 and even when I don't save the setting, imported samples load and play just fine.


I just tried saving the Ultrabeat setting and even then, the drum sample I just loaded is silent. Can anyone help me with this? I would be able to lay down some good drums really fast if only I had access to all those EXS kits such as Big Beat Remix kit, Hip Hop Remix kit etc.

Unfortunately, there is no point to picking out these drums because as soon as I pull the song back up, the pads I just loaded are silent. I feel like it's a pretty strange problem.

One good thing is all the .pst kits seem to load up fine. What is the difference between that and the exs kits? Should both be working for me?

Any help in clearing this up is much appreciated. Thanks!