Logic Pro 8 Simple Midi/Logic questions


1) Would it be possible to take a sound that i like from a keyboard and record it onto logic by using a usb/midi chord that connects the keyboard to the piano. If so, how? and will the sound stay on the recording if i bounce the file before i leave the keyboard? I know once i disconnect the keyboard from the computer, the sound will usually not stay on the recording since its going through midi. Would bouncing the file before i disconnect make a difference?

2) Im making my first recording with logic. How do i get more than one track to bounce/burn to one cd- for example, i want 10 tracks on this cd.

3) I noticed on mainstage, that the african rhythm combination and some other ethic rhythm combinations will continue with an accompaniment beat if you hit some of the bass notes on a piano, but when i pull up the same sound file or software instrument in logic pro 8, it doesn't play the continuing accompaniment. Why, and how do i make it do that?

4) Lastly, in logic pro 8 itself, can i get any of the loops that come with the program to slow down? Can i adjust the tempo of loops? How would i do that?

Thank you for your help. I appreciate your time in any answers.