Logic Pro 9 simulate a AM radio changing stations


Has anyone an idea as to how to simulate the staticy sound of an AM radio scrolling through stations. I have two vintage recordings. I would like to lead in my song with the sound of a late night radio of the sixties searching for a clear station.


the quick version:

record an AM radio scrolling through stations.

record some static

record some SW ( short wave radio band) scrolling

chop up your audio and edit it in.


i imagine theres heaps of radio static samples around..



i just did and theres loads



OK, so Logic does not have a built in function. As I was waiting for your reply I tried throwing in some distortion of my own from logic. Bit crusher, Exciter, phase distortion, in weired combinations and it sounds like a crappy radio signal from late nite AM radio. I had two distinct voices to lead in as my intro. Hank Williams "I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry" (that was the theme I wrote from) and an old WolfMan Jack that is a free download from the net. It came out pretty good. If you are interested, I could send a clip.