Logic Pro 9 Single Logic File Audio Playback issue, all other files OK


This is very odd--maybe somebody here has encountered this and found a fix.

I have this one Logic file I've been working on that all of a sudden is giving me delayed audio output. It has been fine for some time, but now I'm getting a delay/latency in the audio out from Logic.
My other files are fine (the ones that I've checked). And if I make a new Logic document, it's fine too. Just this one got tweaked somehow. I've played with all the preferences and settings (buffer size, etc.), but nothing has any effect on this file. I've saved-as several times as well. It's not a particularly massive project either by any means. My others that are loaded to the brim perform fine. Needless to say, it's making it difficult to work on this one!
Anybody have any ideas? Thanks.

Mac OS 10.6.8, Logic 9.1.4


Hi, have you got any plugins on the output channelstrip? Some plugins add appreciable amounts of latency
Nothing on the master outs. I use all my Waves mastering plugins, Ozone, and whatnot when I'm done with a track and of course get that latency that makes it impossible to work in real-time, but this one is still in-progress so I haven't strapped any of that stuff on yet!
Today I will start deleting things from the project and see if process of elimination reveals anything.
It's weird--I'm using plug-ins that I always use, my settings are the same for all my work, and as I say, this project isn't even particularly massive--I've got far larger projects in every way--plug-ins, audio, automation, you-name-it. It's only this one that suddenly got tweaked.


In the Inspector window at the top left, there's a parameter for Delay - could this have accidentally been changed? I guess it would have to be on all tracks, but outside of plug-in latency I can't think what else could be causing this, unless the file has just become corrupt. If that's the case, try opening a New song and importing the data from the misbehaving file. Maybe that'll straighten it out..?