Logic Pro 9 Skip markers when bar has ended?


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Hi All,
I'm new to Logic 9 since having switched from Ableton, and am trying to use it in a semi-live scenario.

I've setup markers for various sections of my song, and am able to skip to them using keyboard keys.

However, the change to the next marker happens instantly. Is there a way to skip once the current loop has ended?

This way I'd be able to play along with Logic and skip to, say the chorus, by pressing a keyboard button.

Thanks for any replies in advance.
The answer, albeit not exactly hat you are looking for, lies in the Touch Tracks feature in the Environment. From what I recall, it will allow you various options of trigger modes (next beat, next bar, etc).

But it doesn't trigger time line based positions (marker locations, etc). It triggers folders. So, you would need to organize your work differently.

I'm not sure this will ultimately give you what you are looking for, but it is certainly worth exploring.
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Hi Eli,
Thanks for your reply. It's close, but doesn't do exactly what I'm after...I tried the various options like GateLoop but it only triggers when I press the assigned key.

I think perhaps the best way forward for me is to create each section of the song as a seperate track, then mute/unmute as needed.

I used to do this on hardware sequencers such as the Electribe or Machinedrum to bring in various parts of a song.

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Actually I take that back, I created a new project and it seems to properly toggle the loop now.

I will need to practice, but this looks interesting...thanks for your advice!
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However, the change to the next marker happens instantly. Is there a way to skip once the current loop has ended?
It seems you have came to the same points I was thinking about at least 10 years ago...
During this time (Logic v4-5) I developed lots of "smart" complex Logic midi tools that I have never released officially (for some reasons). Later I moved to some other kinds of software programing and scripting...
So, one of my complex tools which is related to your question is the "LCM - Logic Cycle Machine".
It is a full complex smart Environment tool which behaves as a Marker Step Sequencer.
You can program up to 64 performance presets where you can set up the number of the Marker "song parts" repeats as well as the marker jumping etc. There is a special LCM global track where you can draw "song part lengths" midi regions etc (I demonstrate that in the video below).
Anyway, if you have any interest to get the LCM just contact me via my signature posted below.

LCM key features

• A powerful Header which can store & load up to 64 LCM presets in real time.
• The Presets can be controlled via custom Program Change or Control change messages.
• Presets management - you can copy & paste/edit one preset into another location.
• "Snap to" header menu.
• Up to 32 step sequencer steps which can be stored into the given Header main presets.
• Sequencer step indicators boxes 1-16 (green), 17-32 (blue).
• Go to Marker black boxes. Here you program the target Marker to be jumped or re-play from etc.

I just exported a short crappy non-voice video where I show LCM.
Have fun,

LCM demo video QT(11mb) - DOWNLOAD

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