Skippy @ Eugene Logic Users Group & RMX Vid #4 !


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Just a heads up if any of you are around Eugene, OR, that I am giving a Plug-In Guru master class on Logic Pro 9 and showing a number of Virtual Instruments tonight at 7pm (Feb 9th). Meeting is at the Kammerer lab. It is right near 18th and Harris streets.

For those that can't make it, I finalized the 4th Power Review on Stylus RMX. There are close to 2 hours of free video tutorials on how to use Stylus RMX at my site. The final episode covers how to use all of the elements of my Power Pack and RX2 Drum Loop Library. These instructions would apply to the converting of any RX2 Recycle library into Stylus RMX format. Lots of good info if you have some time - Part 4 is 37 min. long.

Laters !!

- John "Skippy" Lehmkuhl