Logic Pro 9 slect all regions within/by marker


Is there a way to easily select regions within a marker to cut/copy/paste - i.e. - pasting a verse or chorus.
IN DP, once I assigned a marker, I could click on that marker - everything would be selected - (i could then shift-deselect what I didn't want included) and then cop/paste throughout my arrangement.

Right now, I am using the marquee tool, selecting what I need - and then either option dragging/scrolling to copy or copy/pasting by setting the playhead.
Been on DP for so long... I am sure there is way to do this in L9.

I must say, even though most of my clients projects are still in the DP realm...(while I get up to speed in L9) - some stuff that I've been writing for my own projects - I've started in Logic - and from a creative standpoint... L9 has really got the juices flowing for me. - (haven't edited much audio yet.) but I am really digging the arrangement window - and ideas seem to get from my brain to an arrangement track much quicker and naturally then with DP.
Yes, there are lots of key commands that allow you perform many selection and editing tasks based on the positions of your locators and markers. You may need to do it in two steps, the first step being setting the locators by marker. When you use the key command control option and left/right arrows, you can set and enable the locators based on the next/previous markers. Search your key commands for locators (and markers), you'll find many useful editing commands.
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