Logic Pro 8 SMF formatting/notation issue


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I haven't been able to resolve a formatting issue in how Logic Pro 8 saves midi files by a quick scan through of the manual, so perhaps someone here can help.

I've been trying to integrate Timewarptech's Home Concert Xtreme ( http://www.timewarptech.com/Pages/Products/HCX/HCX.html ) into my teaching practice, and I'm having an issue with how HCX displays the score and follows the tracks I create in Logic.

HCX follow the score/midi file as it plays/displays, and allows you to play one of the parts while showing where in the score you are at the moment, and also which keys are depressed on a virtual keyboard.

What happens with the stock files that come with HCX is that the score displays both treble and bass clefs, and the option buttons for which part (track) you will replace live lights up.

My SMFs are displaying only one staff, even though both tracks play properly.

It appears that Logic saves midi files automatically formatted, based on which midi tracks you have active when you select "save as midi file".

My scores also display properly in logic, with the normal Bass/Treble configuration you'd expect for Piano music. But only the bass OR treble clef displays in HCX.

In the HCX manual, it simply offers the option of loading type 0 or type 1 midi files, with the stipulation that the main piano part must be configured in 2 tracks rather than 1 merged track.

Does anyone have a suggestion as to how I can fix this?