Logic Pro X SMPTE Sync Issue when exporting MIDI from Logic to Pro Tools


I'm running Logic Pro 10.3.2 on OSX 10.12.6. I need to lock my video to SMPTE, write a cue starting on bar 1, then export a MIDI file to import in to Pro Tools that will provide SMPTE, meter and measure information that correspond with my Logic session. The MIDI import into Pro Tools isn't getting the proper SMPTE information so the numbers in Pro Tools are off. I hope someone has a suggestion on how to fix this.

Here is my process:
1. Create my Logic session at 48 kHz, 23.976 frame rate
2. Import video and with audio from movie as audio file in session.
3. Open session movie preferences and set movie position to the SMPTE TC of the first frame of video.
4. Open my tempo window and change the SMPTE position of bar 1 to match the frame I want to start my cue on.
5. Create a marker with the cue number set and locked to bar 1.
5. Drag the Logic start marker back so I have at least 2 bars count in going into bar 1.
6. Everything is synced to picture in Logic so I write my cue, at which point I am ready to export my MIDI file to import in to Pro Tools for the record session.

To export my MIDI file:
1. I make sure my global tracks are displayed in my arrange window.
2. Select all.
3. Export Selection as MIDI file.

Should be all good, right?

Pro Tools process:
1. The Pro Tools session has the same video and the TC of the session matches the video.
2. Import MIDI file I created from Logic.
3. Import tempo map from MIDI file.

The result: Tempo and marker are correct and marker is at bar 1 but the TC doesn't match up.

I don't think this is a Pro Tools problem because MIDI files from other DAWs aren't having this issue and I can get around it if I don't change the bar 1 SMPTE position in Logic. The problem with that is that I can't make my cue start on bar 1.

Is there a way to fix this on the Logic end? Am I exporting incorrectly?


I've always found the hardest thing is to get Pro Tools to make Bar 1 land at the beginning of picture. By default it seems to start Bar 1 at the beginning of the session, even when there's preroll built in. Maybe I'm misunderstanding, but couldn't you just pick up the imported MIDI files and spot them where you want them in Pro Tools?


The whole point is not to have to do that because it is a serious of waste of time when one has a lot of cues to do. The workaround is to set the timecode start and not change the SMPTE start number for bar 1. That makes it impossible to have a bar 1 start but at least the MIDI export lines up correctly in Pro Tools. It's pretty lame, since this is not an issue in DP or Cubase.